My very special expression of gratitude goes first to Rabbi Ouri Cherki, one of modern Israel’s most outstanding rabbis and religious philosophers, a disciple of Rabbi Z. Y. Kook and Rabbi Y. L. Ashkenazi (Manitou). The lessons of Rabbi Cherki allowed me to explore the uniquely innovative approach to the Torah on which the Bible Dynamics commentary is based.

Next, I wish to thank everyone who helped in creating this book at all its various stages, and especially Mikhail Fridman, without whose support this English translation could never have come to fruition, and Betzalel (Todd) Shandelman, the translator of the book, for his wonderful work, as well as Jonathan Besso-Cowan for attentive and thoughtful proofreading.

I have been privileged to benefit from the invaluable advice and support of all the following individuals: Leonid and Irina Margulis, Alexander and Yulia Shlyankevich, Svetlana Rousakovski, Masha Yaglom, Yuri Livshets, Grigory Yashgur, Galina Zolotusky, Michael Sherman and Yulia Yaglom, Boris and Anna Gulko, Michael Leypounskiy, Olga Emdin, Rivka Rosin, Galina Bleikh, Iris Mersel, Ilya Brodsky, Roman Rytov, Anatoly Gurevich, Marat Ressin.

My heartfelt thanks are also due to all those who participated with me in my work on the original Russian edition of this book.

Pinchas Polonsky


Bible Dynamics, VOL. 2. EXODUS Copyright © by Orot Yerushalaim / P. Polonsky / English translation of the Torah by the Jewish Publication Society, New JPS Translation, 1985. With sincere gratitude for the permission to use. All Rights Reserved.

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