21.9. Aaron’s Connection with Moses is Restored

Of course, the world needs both Moses and Aaron – but the question of the nature of their relationship is critically important.

When Moses draws Aaron closer to himself, everything moves forward correctly – the Temple of teachings and Divine revelation brings the Temple of emotion and atonement closer to itself. But when Aaron senses that he operates independently, emotion becomes the core of religious experience. Moses enters the Holy of Holies directly and at any time, but Aaron can enter there only once in the year, and even then, only after the burning of incense, when everything is obscured in a haze and visibility has been reduced to a blur (Lev. 16:2,12-13). Accordingly, his dialogue with God is likewise clouded.

The nations of the world cannot realize their religious intuition without placing emotional and aesthetic experience at the center of their religiosity. Therefore, for the spiritual advancement of the Western world we should try not to eliminate these experiences, but to connect them correctly to their Jewish origins. Aaron joins Moses, and Christianity regains its connection with Judaism.

In fact, this process has been ongoing for the past five hundred years. Some of the more significant theological milestones to be mentioned in this connection are: Protestantism; translation of the Bible into European languages and immense interest in the study of Scripture; the concept of “Jewish truth”; Christian Zionism; the modern revolution in the theology of Western Christianity and its transition from “replacement theology” to “supplementation theology” under the influence of the European Jewish Holocaust and the creation of the State of Israel. A detailed discussion of this process, however, is beyond the scope of this book.


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